MultiLog G2

MultiLog G2 has been developed based on LonWorks technology for automatic collection of energy consumption data. Equipped with 8 x S0-inputs, each unit can be connected to any type of meter with pulse output such as electricity, water, gas, steam, heat etc.

Adapted Plug-in makes the installation and integration of the MultiLog G2 into existing systems based on LonWorks technology

straight forward.  Individual; pulse input LED-indication, S0-class options and filter options that simplify the installation and accurate control of pulse recognition for all types of meters.

PLC (power line communication) for A-band or C-band minimizes installation costs and together with the repeater and high-speed package transmission, makes a more secure and reliable communication media. During installation the separate PLC connections PLC-N and PLC-L allow selection of a preferred LV Line-Phase for communication.

In addition the PLC method for data transmission can be used over any standard voltage free signal cable. The storage capacity of the serial flash memory provides storage for both meter readings and consumption profiles. This provides the added advantage of making the system integration and data collection more secure and very user-friendly.


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