Energy Management

In recent years the pressure placed upon UK industry and commerce to proactively manage energy "used" and control carbon emissions has intensified. This is demonstrated with the introduction of "The Climate Change Levy" in April 2001 and changes to the Building Regulations in 2002, to the more recent introduction of Energy Certificates relating to the 'Energy Performance' of new and public buildings.

In today's difficult economic environment it is essential for all commercial concerns to take energy saving measures, not only to remain compliant in many cases, but more importantly from a business perspective, to capitalise on the financial rewards of energy savings and reductions in "The Climate Change Levy" where it applies.

aM&T technology provides the perfect solution to understanding the movement of energy throughout commercial premises. The application of AMR is clean, simple, low cost and operationally, very user friendly. Once installed the energy data collected, be it heat, gas, water or electricity, enables concise identification of energy used and through powerful software analysis gives the user the benefit of being able to identify and effectively manage their energy wastage.

Commercially incorporating AMR solutions into the infrastructure of any business makes perfect sense; not only financially but also environmentally, giving the added benefit of contributing towards its 'Corporate and Social Responsibility'.

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