Metering Enclosures, Panels & Cabinets

All Enercom Systems are built to the highest standard that includes cabinets, metering panels and enclosures used in all projects, whatever the application. Cabinets are prebuilt at Enercom workshops in Barwell, Leicestershire by qualified technicians prior to install on the clients premises. This enables a quick, clean and convenient system installation ensuring minimum disruption to the clients business.

In many cases the client chooses to install Enercom systems themselves, this has the added advantage of keeping costs down and allows the client to use their own suitably qualified personnel. Enercom are more than happy to provide a completely prebuilt system ready for install and the  necessary technical information, support and know how  to any client wishing to install the system themselves.  Enercom would provide a commissioning and user training service once the system has been installed.

All Enercom systems and products are covered by a 12 month warranty which begins at practical completion of the install. A maintenance contract covering all equipment supplied by Enercom can be arranged. This would include two days on site per contract year.  A copy of a maintenance contract is available on request.  

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