MultiLog Controller Software

The MultiLog Controller provides the means to remotely administer and access data in co-operation with Multilog logger units. The Controller is able to control and monitor up to 323,850 MultiLog units in a multi-layered network structure enabling the automatic collection of periodic data from a maximum of 647,700 meters and other measuring devices.

MultiLog Controller software is windows based employing familiar toolbars, drop-down menus and mouse functions. Help pages include a user manual and help topic search facilities. 

MultiLog Controller is structured in the following way:

  • Network Manager - for setting up Multilog logger networks, configuring logger inputs and meter-constants.
  • Schedule Manager - for programming the times for automatic download of acquired data from Multilog logger units and export to other software.
  • Data Manager - for creating virtual meters, viewing and reporting acquired data.
  • Download manager - for automatic data collection during normal system operation.
  • Event Manager - Monitors and displays notifiable system events.
  • Properties - for changing user Login, program application path and selecting a range of automatic functions. 

Enercom often supply Multilog systems in conjunction with automatic Monitoring and Targeting software such as eSight®, Tymax 1000 or software from other organisations such as TEAM, Enviros, Systemlink 2000, Invensys (Satchwell) BMS, Trend BMS etc.

In operation, MultiLog Controller automatically collects data and exports this to the aM&T software. Once configured and commissioned, the system operates transparently, without need for adjustment.  

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