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Landlord/Tenant Billing and MID Approval

In terms of landlord/ tenant billing it is important to use Ofgem\MID approved meters these meters are compliant to current legislation, and governed primarily by the 1989 Electricity Act.  According to the legislation any meter used for billing purposes must be of an approved pattern or type. Basically, meters of a specific design and construction meeting the Ofgem\MID standards are the only meters that can be used.

When purchasing Ofgem/MID approved meters the supplier should be able to provide a copy of the "Certificate of Approval"  the meter does not need to be certified, although; meters used by a licensed electricity suppliers have to be certified except in the case of commercial and industrial situations if a written agreement is made with the customer before installation.  Certification is a process carried out at a test station and meters are checked to ensure they conform to their pattern approval and are accurate. The meters are then sealed and allocated a certification life (how long they can be used before being taken off circuit and replaced). 

For unlicensed electricity suppliers such as landlords, meters do not need to be certified but the owner is required to use an approved type and keep it in good order.  The tenant has a right to read their meter. This is a basic right when it comes to metering.  It applies to Landlord / tenant situations and should be taken into account when designing any new system.

All suppliers, including landlords, are required to read and inspect meters at least every two years to take a reading and check the meter is in good order.  This ensures bills are not perpetually based upon estimated readings and the landlord can ensure meter connections are safe and have not been tampered with.  Even if Ofgem\MID approved billing meters have been fitted, they cannot be relied upon for accuracy, unless they are installed in the correct manner by a qualified Electrical Installer in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


Enercom offers a range of smart metering and data logging hardware and associated services for both primary and secondary metering markets. Working closely with your organisation, Enercom are able to provide a range of services from site survey to installation of metering through to data collection.

Regardless of whether your organisation is large or small, single or multi-site, Enercom have a range of solutions to ensure that your specific requirements are met. Enercom offer both wired and wireless hardware solutions depending on individual circumstances of your organisation.

For further information on individual solutions, please see the metering sub sections which further detail the following specialist areas of Enercom solutions:

  • Site Surveys
  • Installation
  • Primary Metering
    • Electricity Half Hourly 
    • Electricity Non Half Hourly
    • Gas
    • Water

Site Surveys

In order to determine the specific requirements across one or more sites, Enercom's "Site Surveying" service is utilised. This entails a qualified electrical engineer visiting your site to document your specific project requirements.

The site survey provides identification of both existing equipment and recommendations for optimum locations for sub metering across site where required. It will also highlight any recommendations or issues regarding communication and data collection across site.  Enercom has designed the surveying process to provide an understanding of project requirements and how best those requirements can be met. This may often include advice regarding the replacement of other metering on site. If the project is large and a phased approach is needed, this can also be built in to the surveying recommendations. Within the site surveying report, Enercom also provide a fixed price for the programme of works which ensures complete transparency of information regarding cost. 


Enercom offers an end to end service regarding smart metering and data logging hardware solutions and are able to offer 2 main approaches regarding AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) hardware installation.

  1. Enercom are able to supply and deliver metering hardware to site and work with your organisation's local installers or contractors. And are happy to train local approved contractors on how to install the AMR hardware. This is often an extremely cost effective solution for organisations that have in house or local installers they frequently use.
  2. Enercom are able to undertake all aspects regarding installation of the metering project. And can provide certified electrical contractors to your site who will install the project according to the specific agreed remit detailed in the survey.

Primary Metering


There are a number of ways in which to obtain data from your primary meters and Enercom can assist you in obtaining this data.

Electricity - Half Hourly Data

There are two ways in which to access your half hourly data:

1. You can request that the supplier sends the data to you. This is typically sent by email in a usable format that can be imported into energy Management Software.

2. The second way of gaining access to the data is to install a logger to monitor the pulsed output from the meter. Again, this data can be collected from the loggers and imported into energy management software.

Electricity - Non Half Hourly Data

Typically, the non half hourly market consists of manually read meters which are read monthly, quarterly or less often in many cases.  Enercom can arrange for your existing meter to be replaced with a pulse meter and with the installation of a smart logger half hourly electrical data including register reads can be provided. This data can be imported into most energy management software packages.


Most metering within the gas market is owned by National Grid. Larger supplies have logging devices installed and are read daily. Others are typically read monthly. If the meter has a pulsed output, Enercom can supply a smart logger which can log the pulsed output and transfer this information to energy management software. If the meter has no pulsed output, the meter will need to be replaced, Enercom can facilitate this and the AMR system applied.


If the meter has a pulsed output, Enercom can supply a smart logger which can log the pulsed output and transfer this information to energy management software.  If the meter has no pulsed output, the meter will need to be replaced or a secondary meter fitted with a pulsed output. Enercom can facilitate this and the AMR System applied.



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