Enercom System Architecture

Enercoms AMR systems are easily installed, what makes Enercom systems so attractive is the cost effective nature of the installation.  Because these systems utilise the existing electrical infrastructure of the site, the communications network within the system, already exists, so any suitably qualified electrician can install them.  Therefore; not only can the install be clean and convenient with little of no disruption to the business, but also; the client, if they so please; can utilise their own employees or nominated contractors to install the system.

The system architecture drawing demonstrates the simplicity of the system and the versality of it application. The Enercom systems can be multiple utilty and /or multiple sub-meters from commercial and industrial plant equipment to theme park rides.  Enercom also specialises in Landlord tenant billing.  What ever the clients objective surrounding sub metering Enercom can help them acheive it.



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