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If you wish to take control of your consumption it requires commitment, knowledge and interest to store and streamline the consumption history. At the end of the day, you want to use the available power in an effective way depending on the time of day.

Enercoms MultiLog system does not replace the regulation system of the property. The system measures consumption at all parts of the facility and returns half hourly values. This simplifies the findings of energy thievs and unusually large consumption, i.e. fans running around the clock or systems that are cooling down the facility at the same time as another system runs the heat.

The energy management system from Enercom will provide quick pay-back on investment.

The Enercom system is able to measure electricity, hot and cold water, heating or gas

The system will provide you with consumption profiles to enable comparison of different time periods or similar facilities, in order to streamline and improve performance.

Another factor that has an influence on the total energy cost is the chartered effect and understanding the difference between power (kW) and energy (kWh), and the ability to lower total cost on both the contract and when negotiating new energy contracts. 

Enercom offers products and systems ready to store consumption data and communication. The R&D department is constantly working to simplify our IT-solutions, optimising value storage and to up the speed of the web application.

During the last decade Enercom has ventured on a slightly careful path and during this time the market has developed to possess a greater understanding for the technology and methodology of energy management.

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