MC Web2 Software

The MC Web2 solution provides a user friendly web interface with the capability to create individual data collection accounts for complete energy consumption profiling, also with the additional import/export function for all aM&T requirements. MC Web2 is based on our MultiLog Controller software.

 MC Web has the capability to provide:

• Presentation of all data at half hourly intervals

• Graphical displays of consumption data at regular intervals

• Year on year data comparisons

• Capacity for expansion to any number of multiple utility inputs

• Invoice validation

• Alarm reporting to indicate unexpected usage by SMS text message

• A system whereby meters can be grouped as required

• Virtual metering facilities thus reducing installation costs

• Choice of hosting options:

1. Managed and administered by Enercom

2. Managed and administered by the client

With a growing demand to reduce energy expenditure due to the rapid rise in wholesale gas and electricity, and the wealth of legislation focusing on the environmental change, Enercom continues its commitment to remote metering technology by constant development of MC Web2 with upgrades made available for download at frequent intervals.

For added insurance and quality of service, maintenance contracts are available that cover all aspects of our product range whether it is hardware, software or the web based application.

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