Power Quality

Enercom are well prepared to provide all customer needs for power quality monitoring, we have gained a broad range of experience ranging from system design, energy reduction and electrical phenomena investigation giving a greater understanding customer needs.

In Industry and commerce there is a wealth of electrical equipment ranging from heavy mechanical plant to small light and power, such electrical loads could have "bad power factor", this results in a highly inefficient electrical system with higher current than required flowing through the system.  In real terms this means a greater energy supply and a heavier distribution network is required, at substantial cost. 

Using power factor correction equipment will save many thousands of pounds, when compared to the cost of installing a new transformers and infrastructure.  In addition the equipment can be installed easily, quickly and without the need for a supply power down of several days.

In summary, Power Factor can be regarded as a measure of "efficiency and has values ranging from 0 to 1, where 1 is 100% efficient.  Power Factor Correction equipment improves this "efficiency" so that less electrical current is needed to achieve the same result. Enercom offer a variety of products to compensate for varying electrical loads which are common in today's manufacturing plants and offices.


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