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With a growing demand for the reduction and optimization of energy consumption, Enercom products including MultiLog, MultiWeb and MC-Web provide important intuitive tools. Showing energy consumption as a graphical profile gives an instant view of erroneous or abnormal consumption providing immediate management opportunity to develop energy policy.

  • Energy Management

    aM&T technology provides the perfect solution to understanding the movement of energy throughout commercial premises. The application of AMR is clean, simple, low cost and operationally, very user friendly.

    Once installed the energy data collected, be it heat, gas, water or electricity, enables concise identification of energy used and through powerful software analysis gives the user the benefit of being able to identify and effectively manage their energy wastage.

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  • Earth Leakage

    Living in a technically advanced society, everyone can benefit by using a system to detect earth leakage.  The earth leakage system from Enercom continuously monitors and with great accuracy indicates the leakage in each electrical group. It is also effective help for the preventive maintenance.

    As soon as earth leakage is detected an alarm goes off. The level of alarms and warnings can be set as low as you desire to minimize the risk for damage. 

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  • Power Quality

    In Industry and commerce there is a wealth of electrical equipment ranging from heavy mechanical plant to small light and power, such electrical loads could have "bad power factor", this results in a highly inefficient electrical system with higher current than required flowing through the system.  

    In real terms this means a greater energy supply and a heavier distribution network is required, at great cost to the user. Using power factor correction equipment may save many thousands of pounds.

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View the MC Web2 Software

The MC Web2 solution provides a user friendly web interface with the capability to create individual data collection accounts for complete energy consumption profiling water, gas, electricity and heat, it also provides an additional import/export function for all aM&T requirements. MC Web2 is based on our MultiLog Controller software.

Enercom continues its commitment to remote metering technology by constant development of MC Web2 with upgrades made available for download at frequent intervals.


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